"That was awesome. I loved it. I loved it!" Christina Aguilera

"That was a really powerful performance Caitlin. That song was really special. I’m so happy you chose it. You're one of the ones my team has to look out for for sure.” Christina Aguilera 

"Your high notes are so great and it's so easy for you, you're so awesome." Christina Aguilera

"Seriously, let’s give the trophy to Caporale now because if she can sing with Aguilera than she can do anything. Caporale is the whole package — she has amazing vocal talent, is a great performer, and has the look to become a big star. Oh, and she can hold her own against Aguilera, the queen of the super-belt. That’s no easy feat." Jess Molinari-  Bustle.com

"I see Caitlin as a great R&B/ Pop artist." Pharrell Williams

 "Caitlin definitely could win this competition. And for her to pick me, I have to cherish it - and I have to really work hard." Pharrell Williams

"I thought that was blanking amazing." Adam Levine

“Caitlin, I think you can win this whole show, that kind of power and control and with the right songs I just see you making it really really far on this show.”  Adam Levine

"This girl sings like a pro! She’s so comfortable on stage. She’s great–effortless ad libs, that are never too much or wasted with a syrupy tone that’s just like honey. I bet this girl has a resume, she’s so good." Mj Santilli - MJSBIGBLOG


"Oh my God, I love Caitlin!" Blake Shelton

"You have, like, a 700-pound voice - and it's coming out of 80 pounds. I truly believe that I'm looking at somebody that can win 'The Voice' this year. I do think that." Blake Shelton

"Caitlin, when she gets on a note and holds it, there's just no vibrato; it's just this straight line of sound that hits you. And it is impressive." Blake Shelton

Caitlin Caporale from Team Pharrell performed next. She chose “Best Thing I Never Had” by Beyoncé. “Beyoncé is definitely huge shoes to fill,” Caporale said in a major understatement. Beyoncé songs are incredibly difficult to sing, but Caporale fortunately has tight technical abilities. She was a hit with the coaches, and it was one of her best performances so far in the competition. Billboard.com Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, The Hollywood Reporter